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Codiumate Test Generation


Codiumate revolutionizes the way developers create, refine, and manage test suites for their projects. By harnessing advanced AI technology, Codiumate supports test generation across all programming languages, making it a versatile tool for developers worldwide. This feature is designed to enhance productivity, improve code quality, and streamline the testing process, ensuring your software meets the highest standards of reliability and performance.

Key Features

Universal Language Support

Codiumate proudly offers test generation capabilities for all programming languages, ensuring every developer can benefit from automated test creation.

Learn more about supported languages.

Initiating Test Generation

Initiating test generation is straightforward, with multiple entry points to suit your workflow. All test generation activities converge in the advanced panel, where behaviors are analyzed, and tests are crafted. Generate tests with:

  1. Codiumate Test Lens: Click the "Codiumate: test" lens button appearing above every function, class, or method.
  2. Context Menu: Right-click on any selected code or component name and select "Codiumate - Test this component" from the context menu.
  3. Command Palette (In VSCode): Highlight the desired code, open the command palette, and execute "Codiumate: Generate tests."
  4. Codiumate Button (In JetBrains): Click on the Codiumate icon located near every identifiable component.

Learn more about using the advanced panel.

Refining Your Test Suite

Codiumate doesn't stop at generating tests. It offers an array of features for refining and customizing your test suite:

  • Example Tests: Guide the style of your generated tests by providing Codiumate with an example test.
  • Context Awareness: Codiumate gathers context from your code to generate relevant and accurate tests.
  • Running and Auto-fixing Tests: Validate and automatically fix your tests with Codiumate's run and auto-fix feature, available for certain supported languages.

Learn more about test suite refinement.

Running Tests (VSCode only :simple-visualstudiocode:)

Codiumate integrates directly with your development environment to offer a streamlined process for running tests. This feature, available for Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript, enables you to:

  • Run and Auto-Fix Tests: Automatically run generated tests with the option for Codiumate to attempt fixes on failing tests, enhancing efficiency by iteratively improving test success rates.
  • Manual Test Execution: Choose to manually run tests without auto-fix interventions, providing you with direct insight into test outcomes.

Learn more about running tests.


Tailor Codiumate's test generation to your project's needs through the Configuration tab, and continuously improve the test generation process by providing feedback on generated tests.

Learn more about configuration.


Codiumate's test generation feature is a comprehensive solution designed to support developers in creating robust, reliable software. By automating and refining the test creation process, Codiumate not only saves valuable time but also enhances the overall quality of your projects.